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Sample Member Pages

Listed below are several sample member pages. Each page illustrates various ways in which our customers use SearchForMe.com to shape and optimize their online identity. Each of these pages are live, so you can also search for these members by name using your favorite search engine.

Mary Grafton – Gardener – Harbor, MN
"I love being able to upload pictures of my work. I add and change pictures about once a week. I have a website, but it is too difficult and expensive to keep current. SearchForMe.com is cheap simple and gets me positioned on all search engines ahead of my competition."
John Adams Singler – Product Design Student – Boston, MA 
"I graduate in June, 2006 so I am looking for work. I am using my SearchForme.com internet pages to display some of my projects. I have asked future employers to look me up on the internet and this is working well. My name comes up first in their searches for me. This is a great service for students like me."
Peter Rassick – Attorney/Employment Law Litigator – San Jose, CA 
"I want people to find me by employment law and my name. SearchForMe.com optimization works to keep my name close to the top in all search engines. I use my search for me pages as a sort of news release summary of the types of cases I have won. I also include any case loses. I link newspaper articles about me to my pages. To remind people I am a real person, I include my community work and family pictures."
Ashley Mae – Actor – Studio City, CA 
"Before SearchForMe.com, the top searches for me showed some old reviews, bad ones. Those old reviews were completely out of my control. Now my SearchForMe.com pages appear before those old reviews and I have linked great new reviews to my pages. Searchforme is a godsend for performers."
Laurence Lebihan – Property Developer/Real Estate Attorney – Alameda, CA
"I use my SearchForMe.com pages as an archive of the developments I have been involved in. I include short descriptions and pictures. I also link articles about the projects. I believe my SearchForMe.com internet pages have given me a lot of credibility. Anyone who types property development, real estate law or my name in any search engine finds me fast and can quickly see what projects I have done. SearchForMe.com is a valuable service."
Elizabeth Lincoln – Interior Decorator – San Rafael, CA 
"Because my name comes up close to the top when people do an internet search for Interior Decorators I get more business. It is easy to keep my SearchForMe.com pages up to date with pictures and descriptions of my latest projects. I know I can link my website to my SearchForMe.com pages, but I don’t because I can’t keep my website current. I am not going to keep my website, SearchForMe.com is an easier and cheaper way to maintain a internet presence and at the same time get found in all search engines."
Jim McNeil – Residential Civil Engineer, Specializing in Hillside building – Pasadena, CA 
"For the past few years some articles about a “youthful indiscretion” of mine were top of most searches for me. Talk about embarrassing and a feeling of helplessness. Thanks to SearchForMe.com I have been able to gain control over what came up at the top of those searches. It includes my work projects with pictures and my community services."

How were these user pages created?

Creating your member page with SearchForMe.com is very simple:
You fill out a few simple forms...
We gather your information using simple to use web forms. You simply fill in the information you choose to have searchable, such as your name, your business name, personal and business contact information etc.

We do the rest...
At the click of a button your page is built and available online immediately! Not only is your page online, but it is optimized so that you get the best possible palcement for your page in the search engine results when people search for you by name, profession or location. In as little as 3 days your page could receive top placement in Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other major search engine.

#1 placement in google (when searching for "Laurence Lebihan, Alameda CA")

Page Breakdown

Click on any section of the page below to see a screenshot of how the information for that particular section was collected from the user.
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