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More About SearchForMe.com

What is SearchForMe.com...And why do I need it?
SearchForMe.com is an online service that gives it's members a simple "what you see is what you get" approach to create and maintain information about themselves and/or their organizations on the internet - AND make that information searchable online from all the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
You need SearchForMe.com because you want to control what information people find about you online. Industry experts agree that the best way to control information that is out there that you cannot control is to get more information about yourself out there.
SearchForMe.com is the best way to quickly create a simple web page about you or your organization, get it posted online immediately and get it optimized for priority search results. That way when someone searches for you online, they will find your SearchForMe.com page at or very near the top of the search results.
Build your page with ease...
By filling out a few simple to use forms on SearchForMe.com you quickly and easily build your own personalized webpage. You can add, modify or remove information from your page at any time. The information you place on your page is searchable directly from any search engine, such as Google™ or Yahoo™.

Get Optimized and Get Found!
Our search engine optimization specialists make sure your page is constantly optimized to meet the constantly changing search methods of the major search engines, and to ensure that your page gets the highest possible placement when people search for you by name. Your SearchForMe.com member page will be prioritized over any "casual" information about you that is floating around on the internet, so you will gain some control over the placement of pages you formerly had no control over
The best part is that SearchForMe.com is free for people who are conducting searches. Most of the existing People-Finder web sites are paid services. Those who are searching for a person must pay to get the information. With SearchForMe.com people who search for you will never have to pay to find your information online, all they have to do is search for you by name in any search engine and they will find you.
It's Easy and Effective!
Currently there is no easy way to quickly post searchable information about yourself on the internet without going to the trouble of creating a web site. Existing methods for optimizing internet search and positioning is very expensive. There are specialized classified advertising sites where you can search for and find information about individuals, but you have to know where to go to perform the search and it is not as effective as searching directly from popular search engines. Blogs are easy to use, but are not usually searchable, and do not allow the same level of control that we offer.

Take Control of Your Online Identity!
The advantage of SearchForMe.com is that we offers a low cost, low tech, low maintenance, low design expectation approach to publishing information about yourself and/or your organization on the internet.
What happens when someone searches for you on the internet? Do they find you? Do they find what you want them to find? Do they find anything at all?
With SearchForMe.com you can easily make your name searchable on the internet. Don't have a webpage? Don't know how to get one or have time to keep it up to date? No problem! We'll help you make one quickly and easily. You control the content on your page and we optimize your page to give it the best possible search results in all major search engines. You can easily include links to other pages about you or your business, your contact information and your rsum or biography.
If you already have a webpage, or if your name appears in other online articles or web pages, SearchForMe.com is the perfect way to control which of those pages receive a higher ranking in the search engine results. By including links to the pages you want people to see on your SearchForMe.com page you will automatically be giving those pages higher rankings as well. The pages you want people to see become visible because of their presentation on your SearchForMe.com page, but those pages will also move closer to the top of the search engine results as well, pushing the pages you don't want to see further down in the search engine results.
With SearchForMe.com, when someone searches for you in any of the major search engines, they will find what you want them to find first.

If you have a question about SearchForMe.com, our service or other common questions regarding your online identity, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions.
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